Nature Brand Story

The Heart Behind COTINI


More than a brand of premium facial tissue

Starting in Vancouver, Canada in 2020, we set to work because of a belief that healthy living should be simple and easy. Taking care of our bodies and taking care of mother earth — they may seem like two separate things, but in reality, they’re more connected than we can ever comprehend. We wanted to merge the two by focusing on one little step: an environment-loving companion for your daily skincare routine. Bringing facial cotton that has no chemicals, no skin-braising weavings, or unnatural residues — we wanted to make self-care mean mother earth-care too.

The COTINI Mission

The little good decisions we make, the tiny baby steps we take — they all add up quickly, so fast that it can shock us. But if we take these little steps together, in the same direction and with the same intention — that can have a powerful, game-changing effect. That’s the basic mission behind COTINI. Facial tissue is a little something in our cleansing, hydrating skin routine, but we believe it can be something beautiful too. Environment-loving, lusciously soft, and happily durable, sharing our cotton means sharing pleasure and beauty too. Our products are all certified organic, so you can feel confident that you’re using nature’s most pure, and all chosen for their finest, high-quality feel, so you can fall in love with the COTINI mission too.

Brand Story

COTINI was born out of our love for the great Nature and the idea of sharing beauty, pleasure, and quality life through natural organic products that contain no chemicals or artificial ingredients. We hope to lead a natural, healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle by providing products made from the finest-quality cotton.


Certified organic cotton products provide you with the ultra soft skin care experience. All COTINI products are made from organic cotton certified by Cotton USA. Our products are 100% biodegradable causing no permanent harm to our environment.